The household washing machine is one of the most commonly used household appliances. Depending on the size of our household, it can work almost every day. In it, we constantly alternate tours of black and light clothes and we rely on them to deliver flawless results just about every time.

But what do we do when we notice that our greatest assistant is no longer functioning so well?

After a while, it can happen that our laundry does not come out so fragrant from the washing machine, and even that an unpleasant smell is felt from the drum of the washing machine.


Many reasons may be behind this problem, such as the deposition of detergents inside the washing machine, limescale in the water, keeping wet or wet laundry inside the drum for too long which favors the development of bacteria and various fungi that can intensify unpleasant odors.

That is why it is important to regularly maintain the washing machine itself, which you can make yourself at home in a few very simple steps, with the means that can be found in every household. You need:

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • sponge or cloth


  1. Take out the container in which you put the detergent and rinse it thoroughly with a sponge or brush because it is the most common place for fungus to accumulate.
  2. Set the washing machine to the longest program and the highest temperature and add a cup of baking soda to the bowl and pour a liter of alcoholic vinegar into the drum.
  3. Let the washing machine do the whole program because this combination will get rid of unpleasant odors. If necessary, when the program is over, wipe the inside of the drum with a cloth again with alcohol vinegar.
  4. Clean the washing machine filter regularly, even if it is not clogged
  5. Keep the door of the washing machine open to allow the drum to dry and to prevent additional fungus from hot and humid air when you close the drum door after washing

This procedure of cleaning the washing machine should be done depending on the frequency of use of the washing machine in your household, it is only important to be regular.

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