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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does one cycle of washing and drying laundry last?

Laundry washing takes anywhere from 20 min to 1h 15min, while drying takes about 30-45 minutes.


How long does it take to wash and dry blankets and quilts?

Washing blankets or duvets takes about 45 minutes or 1 hour if they are badly stained.
Drying takes at least 1 hour for a blanket, and even up to 6 hours for a feather quilt or duvet.


Do you wash feathers / wool / original mattress covers?

Yes we do. However, all these take longer to dry. They all fall into the delicate loundry category, and for that we have special programs for both washing and drying.
Note that certain types of wool are compressed in the wash, or slightly change shape, while some other wool blankets fall out very nicely after washing.

This is something we can rarely tell you in advance, but after thousands of washed items, we are obliged to warn you of possible damage. The same goes for the original mattress cover.


I have an old school stitch blanket, can you wash it for me?

Yes, it can also be washed, but as with feathers it requires very long drying.

We have to warn you that old stitch blankets can be significantly reduced in washing, and we can’t tell you that in advance either, because usually no one knows what the filling is inside.

Also, with these older pieces of fabric, the finished seams will already be worn out, so they can sometimes crack when washed.


Do you wash pillows for the terraces of cafes and restaurants?

Yes, we do.


Can my laundry be washed and picked up the same day?

It depends on what it is, but in principle we always do our best if it is urgent to have the laundry washed and ready the same day.


Can you have my families laundry washed and ironed the same day?

This only depends on quantity of laundry and already scheduled services for that specific day, but generally yes we can.


Is it possible to bring already washed laundry to you only for drying?

Yes of course. You can even bring two to three home machines to dry in the same drying cycle.


How can I be sure that my laundry will not get lost during the wash?

Your laundry, like everything else, is washed individually! The whole process of receiving, washing, drying and ironing is planned in such a way that the laundry does not come close to the laundry of other clients, so the possibility of mixing or loss is minimal.


What benefits do I get from frequent use of your services?

In the iWash laundry wash loyalty is rewarded.

Frequent use of our services gives you priority in the washing schedule, and this is especially important during the tourist season for business customers.

All our priority clients have additional treatments free of charge.


Is iWash-uWash a laundry and dry cleaning service?

Not. But we work with the best local dry cleaners so we’ll make sure your pieces are treated in the best possible way.


Do you cooperate with cleaning services and can we arrange other services with you?

Please send us a detailed inquiry so we can see how we can best help you.


Do you wash wallpapers?

Yes. In the machines we wash all wallpapers that are easily flexible, ie those that can withstand the mechanical washing process in the machine.

For other wallpapers, and especially for large wallpapers, we use the services of our chosen partner, so feel free to leave us (or order a download) your wallpaper.

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Brza i vrhunska usluga. Kome se da prat robu kad je tu ovakva praonica. 😊

Bepo Skorić

Ljubazni, brzi, usluga odlična, cijena ok. Moje iskrene preporuke!

Sanja Stošić

Great service at a good price.

Casa Pozzi

Uvijek sam gledala na TV kako nose robu u praonicu i dobiju je natrag uredno opremu, osušenu i složenu, i mislila kako u nas to nikad neće zaživjeti. Iwash-uwash je ne samo to pokrenuo, nego pokrenuo u mom gradu i u više navrata kad više nismo imali opcije za osušiti robu, a hrpa je postajala sve veća, spasilo nas. Odlična usluga i povoljne cijene.

Marina Matić

Odlična usluga i osoblje susretljivo i profesionalno.

Željko Piton

Odlična usluga. Opušteni, fleksibilni i profesionalni.

Vladimir Popović

Brzo i kvalitetno. 😊


Uredna, brza praonica rublja, na glavnoj cesti u Ražinama. 

Marijana Rajić


Superb laundry cleaning service for private and business customers with free delivery in Šibenik, Croatia.

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