A woman with big dreams and even bigger plans is the owner of the iWash uWash laundromat. The primary idea for the laundromat owner, Gloria, was to open a laundry service, which, here it is, has been successfully operating since 2013. Yet, Gloria doesn’t rest on her laurels but diligently forges new plans for her business, and primarily wants to share and expand her knowledge and experience with others. One of her new ideas was to create a franchise for the iWash uWash laundromat, which she has realized and introduced as a final product at the franchise fair in Zagreb this September. We asked Gloria how she decided to create a franchise and what happened at the fair.

1. Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us why did you decide to create a franchise for iWash uWash?

From the very start, from the birth of the idea of opening a laundromat, I knew that one day I wanted to create a franchise out of it. I was in no rush, I didn’t hurry anywhere but developed the business thoroughly, slowly, and with pleasure. However, after several years of successful operations, various inquiries for consulting began to arrive. From those about how to solve something on a daily basis, to how can I open a laundromat like yours. At that time, I didn’t have a franchise to offer, but through those advisory services, I helped open 3 laundromats in different parts of Croatia, and I can proudly say that they are the right people who are still operating successfully today. The logical sequence after that was to finally get a hold of franchising and finish that project.

2. What does the franchise offer to potential clients?

The iWash-uWash franchise offers future franchisees a tested and secure business. From the entire business strategy, market presence, help in choosing a location, optimal equipment setup, in-house complex washing program recipes, standardized procedures and quality assurance, a client base and contractual contacts are just some of the benefits. Brand recognition, marketing support, live and video training, protection of brand and design intellectual property, a developed pricing strategy, and legally comprehensive all relevant documents: from contracts to regulations. What I can especially highlight is our custom-made operational software program that is also included in the premium package. Therefore, by purchasing a franchise, you get absolutely everything needed for successful operations, with guidance and mentorship, and without all those beginner’s mistakes and doubts.

3. How did the first franchise fair for iWash uWash go and what impressed you the most?

The franchise fair in Zagreb was very interesting. I am pleased to see that each year more and more businesses are offered as a franchise model, because it means that the level of professionalism and seriousness in the Croatian market has greatly increased. We have a very wide range of businesses you can get into if you want to work and further develop a proven good business.

4. Why do you think the iWash uWash franchise is a good choice for someone thinking about entering the entrepreneurial waters?

The iWash-uWash franchise is ideal for those who really want to open a laundromat. In my 10 years of operation, I have seen many who have tried to copy me, but for every two laundromats that opened, three closed. On the other hand, you have us, who have been recording steady growth in all segments of the business for 10 years, despite the coronavirus and despite inflation. That is a sufficient reason for someone who is serious, and who wants to protect their investment to choose us.

5. What does the future hold for the iWash uWash company?

The company GANESHA LLC, which stands behind the iWash-uWash brand, continues to develop technology and digitize processes. From next year, the software solution will be available to other existing laundromats in Croatia as well, because that is something that does not exist in our market. I am the first to have developed such a digital solution, and I am very proud of it, so the next phase will be focused on further technology development and market expansion.

In addition, iWash-uWash laundromats are currently working on expanding capacity and building a new plant. That would be our 4th phase, and upon completion of this project, we will have a capacity of over 2 tons of washed and ironed laundry per day.


When you want to achieve something, it is important to work on your goal with discipline and consistently because in this way, small ideas become big and successful projects, just like the iWash uWash franchise. If you are thinking about opening your own laundromat, click the link and visit our website to arrange a meeting with Gloria, who will gladly help you in launching your idea https://www.iwash-uwash.com/fransiza/

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