Ten years have already passed since we first opened our doors and started this entrepreneurial venture. What has remained constant in our business is improvement and finding new solutions which we can help our clients. As we have been working with clients for ten years and listening carefully to them, we have decided to introduce a new service starting this season – renting sheets and towels. Why exactly this type of service, you ask? After months of thinking and researching, we came up with this innovative idea because we wanted to offer additional help to the owners of apartments and small hotels in terms of additional savings of their money, space and time.

Fair Trade certified cotton for ultimate comfort

The sheets and towels that iWash-uWash offers for rent are made of the highest quality Fair Trade certified cotton, which guarantees superior comfort and durability. We also kept in mind that there is a need for towels of various colors, so, if necessary and upon agreement, it is possible to order towels in the desired color, depending on the quantities.

Favorable prices and carefree business

Renting sheets and towels at affordable prices is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to save on investment and storage space. Weekly rental of bed linen for a double bed with towel sets for two people, costs less than 20 euros. In addition to allowing you to save money, this way of doing business gives you peace of mind because iWash-uWash takes care of perfectly clean and fragrant laundry, ready for your guests. You can forget about hours of washing, drying and sorting laundry only to find that the stains are still there. Also, there is no need to pile up laundry in rooms, living rooms and apartments, because with the laundry rental service, all you have to do is arrange an appointment to pick up the dirty laundry and wait for the delivery of fresh, fragrant, ironed and perfectly clean laundry.

Satisfied guests thanks to impeccable cleanliness

All of us who deal with tourism are aware that cleanliness is a key factor that leaves guests happy, and iWash-uWash is dedicated to providing perfectly clean and comfortable towels and sheets. As the owner Glorija Curavić points out, precisely in order to ensure top service and product, the decision was made to cooperate with a company that provides organic Fair Trade certified cotton, which guarantees top quality and comfort for your guests every time.

Comprehensive laundry service

In addition to renting sheets and towels, we offer all kinds of laundry services, whether it’s washing blankets, winter clothes or curtains. Our friendly employees make sure that everything is impeccably clean, while for the area of ​​Šibenik-Knin County we offer the possibility of arranging delivery and pick up.

We really try to keep up with new ideas and implement services that will raise our business and yours to a higher, more professional level. Contact us with confidence and already this season forget about the laundry problem and use the summer afternoons for much better and more pleasant things 🙂

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