There is large offering of different brands and types of laundry detergents, we are all a little confused. It has happened to all of us at least once that we were standing hesitantly in front of the shelf in the store and thinking about which one to buy. Mostly the decision falls on the one who is on sale or the one whose scent suits us, and maybe we buy on the recommendation of mom or grandma.

The most common three types of detergents we can find today are liquid, capsule detergent and powder. Although the outcome is the same for everyone – the binding of impurities and their removal during washing, by choosing the right texture, we can further improve its effectiveness.


The most traditional detergent with still the widest use. This is partly due to its affordability. When washing powder, the most important thing is to pay attention to its dosing instructions; if we exceed its dose we may be unpleasantly surprised by white and or yellow stains on the goods or we may be left with an undissolved burst until the end of the wash cycle. Due to its whitening properties, we mostly use it for white goods.


If we are in a situation where we have goods in the basket that are coloured, black or need a quick wash and refreshment that lasts less than an hour, then we reach for liquid detergent.


Capsules are gaining in popularity due to their practical dosage but also due to the technology with which they are made. They are most practical to use on longer programs, because then there is enough time for the capsule to dissolve and for the ingredients in it to do their job. It should be noted that most capsules are designed for a weight of 4 or 5 kg, so if you have a larger household and for example a washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg, it would be good to put two capsules in the drum.

The disadvantages of capsules are their price, but also the fact that we cannot use them targeted and directly on stains.

Next time, before you start buying new laundry detergents, look at your laundry habits and you will surely find it easier to decide which type is most practical for you.

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