Croatia lives of tourism. The coast does the season heroically at 200%, 3-4 months of the year, while on the continent the season merges from one to the next without too many breaks. The majority of apartments, restaurants and other accompanying tourist infrastructure are linked to small businesses that are the basis of tourism in Croatia. If you are the owner of a small business, think about how much time and extra energy washing, drying and folding laundry takes. If your answer is, “a lot,” then it’s time to consider delegating the problem of dirty laundry to a professional laundromat.

Advantages of using a commercial laundry for small businesses

In your free time (which is practically non-existent in small companies), you deal with thousands of problems for which you are and are not ready. Sick workers when the season is at its peak, burst pipes and broken household appliances that need to be replaced at once because other guests are arriving at the accommodation, or broken freezers full of groceries in the midst of holiday parties in your restaurant. You successfully organize all these elements (with a few gray hairs), but when you get home, from the laundry room or very often your own bathroom, a mountain of dirty sheets, rags and tablecloths stares at you, but you are struggling to find the time and place for it daily. At that moment, you start thinking about delegating your laundry problem to a professional laundromat, but hundreds of questions run through your head. Will it be too expensive for me? Is this extra cost worth it? What are the advantages, besides not having to do the laundry yourself?

In one place, we bring you 4 general advantages of using the services of commercial laundries to help you at least a little in your dilemma.


1.Better quality and longer laundry life as well as living space without the fortress of sheets

Dirty sheets or a greasy tablecloth are in the vast majority of cases sufficient reason for client dissatisfaction because, let’s be realistic, we all expect excellent cleanliness as a minimum of professional service. The difference between you and a professional laundromat lies in the fact that laundromats use professional laundry cleaning agents whose task is to effectively remove stains and maintain quality of the laundry. Every wash at the laundromat improves the appearance and texture of your laundry because the difference in treatment is impressive. At home, it may happen that in a rush you wash a red napkin with white tablecloths and end up with a flamingo pink color of the entire set of tablecloths and a slight chaos in your head. And drying laundry? If the weather is nice…everything is still under control, but if it rains, your apartment turns into a fortress of sheets, and cooking is out of the question, because no guest likes to sleep in sheets that smell like fried fish.

Keeping your material clean is just as important as motivating clients to book your service. So instead of trying to be both a professional service provider and a professional laundromat, delegate your laundry to a commercial laundry while you focus on running your business, building your team, and meeting your clients’ needs.

2. More time for your business

When planning the day-to-day tasks and expenses of your small business, remember that time is just as important as money. With all the responsibilities that come with running a business, such as hiring staff, managing expenses and other day-to-day operations, clean laundry should be the last thing on your mind. Commercial laundromats not only help your employees to be productive, efficient and focused on more important business matters than laundry, but also give you extra time because in addition to washing your laundry, laundromats also organize collection and delivery of laundry to your door.

3. You save money – yes, you read that right

It is as clear as day that in small companies every penny is useful and it is already planned in advance where it goes. Washing clothes in professional laundries allows you to save on an incredible amount of detergents, fabric softeners and other accessories that you have to buy to keep your laundry clean. In addition to detergents, there is also a reduction in electricity bills, as well as avoiding the ever-favorite maintenance and repair bills for washing machines and dryers, which, as we all know very well, break down in the middle of the season, when you least need them.

4. Additional space for business growth

Hiring a commercial laundry is a prerequisite if you want to take your small business to the next level. Commercial laundries have all the necessary equipment for washing frequent and large quantities of laundry. Commercial laundry services serve sole proprietors and small businesses because they professionally solve a problem that takes up your time and money, and the result is never so good and professional. Commercial laundries have the machinery and staff to handle any amount of laundry, whether it’s 10 or 1,000 kilograms of laundry per day. Therefore, by transferring the service to professional laundries, you can increase the volume of your business without worry, because their capacity is much greater, and it offers the possibility of growth or reduction, depending on your business needs.

Which companies are recommended to use the services of an industrial laundry?

Commercial laundry services are an investment in clean linens, better customer service, and freeing up free time for more important issues. Some of the many small businesses that will benefit from a commercial laundry service include:

  • Hotels, motels, apartments
  • Fitness centers
  • Offices for therapeutic massage
  • Spas and swimming pools
  • Health and medical centers

Using a commercial linen and laundry service helps increase productivity and gives you the ability to do the work you essentially need to do all the time. Instead of thinking all day about whether the cloths are being washed, how I’m going to dry the sheets today and rushing home as soon as the clouds start to ripple a little, focus on your clients and leave the laundry problem to us.

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