We’re rushing for coffee and the first thing that comes to mind is, uh, she could wear that white shirt. Then we open the closet and even though we stored it ironed, the shirt is all wrinkled and creased again. Why does it happen to us that the clothes that we iron carefully all Sunday while watching the TV series out of the corner of our eyes, are ready to be ironed again just when we need to wear them? Well, there are various reasons why this is so, but also tricks to prevent additional creasing of clothes, which we bring you in today’s blog.

1. Proper washing and drying

  • Sort your clothes: Sort your clothes by color and material. We may sound like parrots repeating this advice for the hundredth time, but there’s a good reason for it. Namely, clothes of similar texture when washed together will wrinkle less.


  • Don’t overfill the washing machine: An washing machine filled with clothes can cause clothes to wrinkle because the fabric doesn’t have enough space to move freely. Maybe you washed a few more clothes in one wash, but you created a creasing problem for yourself.
  • Use a delicate wash program: The higher the spin, the more wrinkled the goods will be. This program often uses a lower spin speed, which reduces the risk of creasing.


  • Dry your clothes properly: Immediately after washing your clothes, hang them on a hanger. If you use a dryer, do not overfill it and use a program for delicate fabrics. Also, try to set the end of the drying cycle when you are at home because it is important to take the clothes out of the dryer immediately after drying and stack them. Warm clothes from the dryer are also easier to iron because there is still steam in the fabric, so ironing will be extremely easy.

2. Use of steam

A steam iron or clothes steamer can be your best ally in the fight against creasing. A steam iron releases warm moisture that softens the fabric, while a steamer uses steam to release wrinkles from clothing without touching the fabric. If you are one of those who cannot see the iron, we recommend that you try the steamer because you can iron the clothes while they are hanging on the hanger.

3. Ironing

  • Correct temperature: Always check the label on the garment and set the iron to the recommended temperature. Just because the temperature is higher does not mean that the clothes will be ironed better, you just run the risk of ruining the piece you are ironing.


  • Ironing on the wrong side: Garments such as shirts are often best ironed inside out to avoid the shine that can appear on the front.

4. Proper storage

All that we have mentioned so far has nothing to do if you just stuff the clothes in the closet. Storing clothes is perhaps the last but certainly the most important step in preventing creasing.


  • Hangers: Invest in quality hangers. Wooden hangers are a good solution because they provide firm support for clothes.


  • Don’t overcrowd your closet: When clothes have enough room to “breathe,” they’re less likely to wrinkle.

5. Traveling without the hassle

And what about when you go on a trip? If you’re like us, the first thing that comes to mind when packing is sorting your clothes into those that need to be ironed and those that don’t. The first usually stays at home while the second can travel. The problem is obvious. On the trip, we will try to put as many clothes as possible in the suitcase and thereby wrinkle everything that we carefully ironed. But we have a few tricks to prevent creasing even when you’re on the go.


  • Using garment bags: When traveling, use special garment bags to prevent creasing.


  • Rolling clothes: Instead of folding clothes, you can roll them. Using the rolling method will keep your clothes less wrinkled, but you’ll also fit a lot more stuff in your bag.

Wrinkling clothes can be frustrating, but with the right techniques, you can make your clothes less likely to wrinkle. Whether it’s washing, ironing or storing properly, small changes to your routine can make a big difference in keeping your clothes looking good.

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