Drying laundry is sometimes a nightmare, and the results vary from drying to drying and depend on the drying method you choose. Air-drying laundry in the summer is a solid option because the laundry dries relatively quickly, but how quickly the laundry will dry depends mostly on the weather. If there’s a downpour or a strong wind, our freshly dried laundry is wet again or blown all over the neighborhood and we start all over again, often putting the laundry in the wash again. If we move the laundry drying to the apartment or house, wet laundry favors the creation of humidity, which is not healthy for the respiratory system, nor for the humidity of the entire apartment. The third solution that remains is drying the laundry in the dryer, but sometimes it seems to us that when drying in the dryer, we are constantly trying to figure out which program after which the laundry will be perfectly dry, because one time it dries, and the other time it comes out wet.

There are many reasons why, at any time of the year, it is best to leave the care of laundry drying to a professional laundromat and get rid of this boring job. Below we bring you the 4 most important reasons why drying laundry in a professional laundromat is a better idea than finding efficient ways to dry it at home.

1. Easy and quick drying of larger pieces of laundry

If you ask us what is the worst laundry to dry at home, the answer is always the same:

  1. Bedding (duvets, blankets, pillowcases)
  2. Winter clothes (down jackets, woolen coats, spacesuits)

First, it takes an eternity to wash them because they are mostly washed in tubs or sinks because most of this laundry, especially bed linen (blankets and duvets), we cannot fit in our small home washing machines. Drying them in detail is a separate problem, because drying in a dryer is out of the question, either because of the size or because of the sensitivity of the fabrics and filling.

Air drying is the only option for this laundry, but the place where it can be dried as well as the weather conditions are the main factors that we cannot influence and can pose a bigger problem. If you have a huge terrace or a large yard with a strong clothesline and it’s summer, you may have done well, but in a small apartment with a balcony of 2 square meters, it is impossible to dry this laundry in the summer, until the colder time of the year comes into play. The laundry is then dried on the balcony for days, collecting pollen and city smells, and due to exposure to the strong sun, it can fade.

It is precisely for these reasons that the drying of bedding and winter jackets is best left to professionals. In professional laundries, clothes dryers of a much larger volume are used, and within an hour of bringing in the laundry, you can pick up freshly washed and dried bed linen and jackets and get rid of your worries in one afternoon.

2. Drying a large amount of laundry in a short period of time

Families with children often know how to wash one washing machine a day, especially if the children are small. All that wet and freshly washed laundry needs to be dried quickly in order for the next round to arrive for drying, which sometimes is simply not possible, so we find ourselves in a situation where the clothes are drying all over the apartment or our balconies and terraces have been turned into clothes dryers instead of places to enjoy and drink coffee.

The same problem on an even larger scale occurs with apartment and holiday house renters who simply do not have room to dry such a large amount of laundry, with the additional problem of lack of time, because quite a few times it happens that the laundry that has been put to be washed must be ready for the guests already in a few hours. Whether we depend on air drying or a home dryer, it is impossible to dry everything in a short period of time because the dryer dries up to two hours, while air drying depends on the weather.

With professional dryers in laundries, we can dry up to 18 kilograms of laundry per cycle, which is almost 4 times more than standard home washers and dryers. Drying sheets and duvet covers in a professional laundromat frees up time and a large amount of space which we can use for much better things.

3. There is no influence of weather factors when drying laundry

Air drying, although one of the better options, is very unsafe. If it is sunny and warm outside, the laundry will dry quickly, but if the weather changes and the southerly wind blows, it can happen that the laundry dries for days. Laundry that dries too long takes on a musty smell and is anything but fresh. Also, when drying in the air, it often happens that the laundry is full of pollen, which can cause allergic reactions for some of us. When drying in the sun, especially on summer days, the strength of the sun’s rays can fade the color, so we are left with a dress that is lighter on one side and darker on the other.

Professional laundries dry laundry at any time of the day, regardless of whether it’s raining outside or the sun is shining. As professional dryers are used for drying, which will gently dry all types of laundry in a short time, you can carefree perform everyday tasks instead of rushing home at the first hint of a summer downpour.

4. Professional handling during drying process

If you decided to buy a dryer and take control of the drying of laundry without the influence of external factors, you must have found yourself in a completely new problem that you did not expect. Namely, dryers, although they come with thick manuals, are not the easiest to operate. Yes, there are a thousand options that guarantee perfectly dried and fragrant laundry, but with the dryer comes certain problems. As the dryer blows hot air into the room where it is located, the temperature in the apartment can rise significantly, which is of no use to you in the hot summer months. But the worst part is finding the perfect program for drying a certain type of laundry. No matter how many times you read the instructions, it seems that you cannot find the ideal program, and while you are guessing, your laundry comes out of the dryer either dry and impossible to iron, or too wet, so you have to start the cycle from the beginning.

Professional laundries – the best choice for drying laundry

At professional laundromats, staff undergo detailed training in handling professional dryers, which have many more options than home dryers. Depending on the laundry you bring, the staff knows exactly what program will work best so that your laundry comes out perfectly dried and undamaged. This alone saves you time and nervousness, but also ensures that the laundry will stay new for longer.

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